About Us


The Birth of a Business

Bella’s Glamour and Laser Studio was founded 36 years ago and has been in this specific location for 25 years. At first, Bella worked out of the home. Eventually the business blossomed into a studio.

About Bella

bella6 cropBella is from Russia, where she performed beauty treatments as well. She has been in the business for over 36 years – it’s in her blood. It is something she is passionate about and has always done. She loves what she does.
Bella is a fixture, a landmark. Everyone knows Bella! She has brought a unique flair to the salon. She welcomes her customers to come in without an appointment just to chat. Her clients are like family. Bella always treats each and every customer as special. She is extremely accommodating with her customers out of hours – anything to keep her clients happy.
Bella’s flamboyant personality is infectious. She is always dressed to the nines. She loves her clients – people gravitate to her. Known for her honesty, Bella “tells it like it is.”
Bella&Gelena2 cropAfter graduating from the Versailles Academy in 2003, Bella’s daughter Gelena joined the business to expand the menu of services offered at Bella’s Glamour and Laser Studio. Gelena specializes in facials and skin care treatments. As a certified photothermolysis and photorejuvenation technician, Gelena also offers laser hair removal treatments using the most up-to-date equipment and techniques available.

Everyone Welcome

Bella has seen generations of families grow up with her services – to her, everyone is family. No matter what the situation, clients always have a real sense of comfort. The kids are always welcome. Bella even greets the occasional puppy.

Continuing Education

To ensure that you will always receive the best salon treatments possible, Bella and her staff make it a priority to stay up to date and current with services, products, treatments, and techniques. 



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  1. Wonderful experience! My hubby had his ear pierced to celebrate his 65th birthday on December 31st. I had mine done again to keep him company. Will definitely be back for pedicures.


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