Here’s What Our Customers Say

Unique And Unparalleled

The customer service and expertise provided by Bella’s Glamour Studio is unique and unparalleled in Ottawa! Once you have experienced the value-added level of service and care Bella provides, you will never want to go anywhere else for your services. Bella’s Glamour Studio is my second home!
Lynn B.

Great At What They Do

I have been going to Bella’s Glamour Studio for a few years now. I recently started the IPL treatments (laser) for hair removal and it has been working very well and is a lot less painful than the electrolysis that I used to have done. I would recommend Bella’s to anyone! They are friendly and very good at what they do.
Kayla Bertrand

Highly Recommended

I have been going to Bella’s for years for various services. I recently have started their laser treatments with great success. I had previously tried other treatments for hair removal but nothing has worked as well and as painlessly as the laser. I would highly recommend Bella’s for their many services.
Francine W.

I Trust Bella’s

I have been a client of Bella’s for approximately 10 years. The treatments I usually get are waxing and pedicures. I have trust in Bella because of her professionalism and the cleanliness of her shop. Bella and her staff are always friendly and are most accommodating when booking appointments. Bella’s experience in her field is worth everything. I highly recommend Bella’s to anyone.
Jennifer M.

Exceptional Customer Service

I’ve been enjoying services at Bella’s for over 15 years and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for my pedicures, facials, waxing and nails. The customer service is exceptional and very personal and the quality is second to none.
Linda LeGroulx

Professional Services

I have been coming to Bella’s for close to 20 years for nails, facials, waxing and pedicures. She provides very professional services in a pleasant atmosphere.
Joan M.

Long-Time Customer

I have been a customer of Bella’s for over 25 years for nails, facials and waxing. Bella’s Studio is very, very clean, and all work is done very professionally. I enjoy my appointments with Bella.
Nancy Kenyon

Every Visit is Unique

I have been coming to Bella for over 30 years for nails and have been very satisfied—her work is very professional and every visit is interesting.
Cathy W.

Friendly and Welcoming

I love Bella’s Glamour Studio. They are friendly and welcoming and fantastic at what they do. I have been coming for years, and will continue to do so.
Jan Dorrell

I Love Bella’s!

J’adore Bella’s Glamour Studio!  C’est un privilège d’être leur cliente, je suis ravie de leurs services!
Lilianne Tremblay

The Only Place I’ll Go

I have been coming to Bella’s Glamour Studio forever for waxing. Bella is the only place that I will get my waxing done because of their friendly and professional services. My friends and family members also have been coming here for years and will continue to do so and spread the word about Bella’s!
Kristina  Larose

Like Home

Going to Bella’s Glamour Studio is like coming home. Clean, professional environment peppered with wit and a big dose of fun! I come to Bella’s for the best pedicure in the city and I keep coming back because of the atmosphere and the family feel.
Terri Rayvals-Mele

No One Else Will Do

I have been coming to Bella’s for years and wouldn’t consider another aesthetician. I first came for eyebrows and was very nervous because I heard so many horror stories from my friends that went to other aestheticians. Once I saw the results and drastic difference, I knew no one else would do. She is a highly experienced lady and always has interesting stories. I have also gotten French manicures and now going through laser treatment. I just trust them, and the service they provide.
Sabrina W.

Eyebrow Artist

I have been a client of Bella’s for more than 10 years. Her services are very high quality. I love the pedicures but she is the most incredible artist with eyebrows. I always get asked who did my brows – they are so perfect.
Connie M.

Caring and Friendship

I have been coming to Bella’s for the last 35 years. The service and treatments have always been great and very professional. At Bella’s it is more than first treatments and procedures, it is an experience in caring, sharing and friendship. Overall a great place to look after yourself.
Shelley Bond

Service and Expertise

I’ve been going to Bella’s for 25 years for my manicures and pedicures and I have never been disappointed in her level of service and expertise.
Elizabeth Laphen

Best Pedicure in Town

I have been a customer of Bella’s for many years. The biggest draw at Bella’s is Bella herself. She has an amazing personality. I think she does the best pedicure in town.
Fern Redmore



2 thoughts on “Here’s What Our Customers Say

  1. I have been a client of Bella’s for over 8 years. The service I’ve received has been outstanding. I’ve had relaxing facials by Gilana and spa-like pedicures by Bella. My eye brows have never looked so nice thanks to Bella! I am thrilled with the results of the laser hair removal I received at Bella’s a few years ago. I would be remiss not to mention the amazing manicures I’ve received from Bella. I would highly recommend Bella’s for anyone looking for any of the above-mentioned treatments! Bella’s the Best!!
    Sharon T.


  2. I recently got my 2.5 year old daughters ears pierced with Bella. She was incredible! So warm and welcoming and patient. She even gave my daughter a manicure afterward. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to get their kids ears pierced


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