Artificial Nails

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At Bella’s Laser and Glamour Studio, you have a variety of nail enhancement techniques to choose from.

  • Solar, Porcelain, Crystal and Acrylic are a liquid & powder that are applied together.
  • Gel (Bio Sculpture, Entity) is premixed acrylic in a gel-like state.
  • Shellac is a hybrid of the gel manicure.
  • Diamond is an Acrylic Dip where resin applied to the nail, which is then dipped or sprinkled with acrylic powder.

All of these nail techniques can be applied:

  • Directly on your nail (overlay).
  • On tips that have been applied with resin (glue) or acrylic.
  • Sculpted using a paper, plastic or metal form. 

All of these nail techniques are applied with a brush, cured under a UV light, and finished with a UV gel top coat to protect the enhancement.

Choosing a nail enhancement service at Bella’s will ensure your nails look fabulous for weeks.

Drop in for a consultation with Bella on what type of nail enhancement would be best for you.  Or make an appointment today.

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